Bambi is getting sinister remake into 'a vicious killing machine' in new slasher movie

"Bambi" is about to get much more tragic.

Scott Jeffrey, the director behind horror films "The Curse of Humpty Dumpty"

Disney later adapted and popularized an animated version, released in 1942.

How can Winnie the Pooh be made a killer in 'Blood and Honey'? The public domain, explained

produced and directed the slasher "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,"

"green-skinned grump ... living on a mountain high above the festive small town of Newville, despising the holiday season,"

Bambi" film – titled "Bambi: The Reckoning" – is Netflix's "The Ritual,"

'Terrifier 2' has fans vomiting. Here's why the brutal' clown slasher movie is so hard to watch.

for her parents' death, only to find The Mean One hasn't lost his murderous thirst, or urge "to carve the roast beast."