Skin Care: 5 Tips to get fresh look in rainy season

Skin Care

Filmyboot    30 June 2022

Oily skin looks even more sticky in the rainy humid air and turns black. That's why you need to make some changes in your skincare routine during the rainy season.

skin, pimples, oily face and darkening of the face. And in the rainy season, these complaints increase a lot.

An easy way to remove excess oil from the skin is to wash your face with water 3 to 4 times a day.

1. Cleansing

Regular scrubbing is essential for oily skin. This is because it removes excess sebum and dead skin from the skin. This reduces the appearance of pimples, acne.

2. Scrub twice a week

once a week Apply a face mask once a week to control the oil in the skin. Multani mud or sandalwood face pack is best for oily skin.

3. Facemask

Toner needs to be applied daily to prevent excess oil on the face. Rose water is considered to be the best toner for oily skin.

4. Toner after washing

Sunscreen is very important for your skin even in rainy season. Many people avoid applying sunscreen because their skin looks more oily and oily.

5. Don't forget to apply sunscreen

in the rainy season, some of these things should be taken care of so that the already oily skin does not become more sticky.