Smartphone sales dropped by 20 million units in four years, may be replaced by VR handsets

VR Headset

Technology experts and investors are on the hunt for the next big miracle. The biggest idea right now is Virtual Reality (BR) headsets. 

American tech companies Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft and TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance, Japanese company Sony are selling VR or AR headsets.

Smarthomes have been touted as another potentially big platform, but so far Alexa and other devices like it have done little things.

In fact, consumers are slowly moving towards wearable devices. These include smart headphones for making calls,

These gadgets are allies instead of replacing the phone. VR and AR glasses will become the most powerful part of wearable gadgets when they are lightweight and affordable.

People will not get rid of their phones but will use them as back office. As the chip gets smaller, the phone will no longer be of use. However, this change will not happen soon.

As smartphone sales decline, new platforms are being explored. According to IDC, smartphone sales in the US declined from 176 million units in 2017 to 153 million units in 2021.

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But in ten years, headsets will stand at par with smartphones, says company expert Jitesh Urbani. The demand for headsets will exceed that of smartphones,